I was created to be SUNSHINE to many, a bur or thorn in the side to some,  and comfortable in my own skin to ME.  It has not been easy, and yet has been somewhat comfortable.

I know the blessings that I have, and don’t take for granted one minute of it. But also have had my own battles, and mountains to conquer.

I want to share my realness, raw , bare bones.  When I was younger, I wanted to show my fake self, the one I created, my motto “Fake it, til you make it!  That really did come back to bite me, I faked it for so long, I lost ME.  Now at a middle age, I am finding out who I am, what God planned, and how that impacts my small part of the World.  God sent me a messenger, with a message not too long ago,  the beginning and middle were great, but the end- he finished with  “Come Go With Me”…. and that is what I’m doing!  So let’s discover together!

Come Go With ME !!