Passion + Wisdom = Position

passion3I am sure you realize I am a multi-faceted individual.  Well, and so are YOU!  I am at a crossroads in life right now.  My journey is different but not too different then anyone in my current age group.  I am HAPPY to be the age I am, I don’t wish to be younger, or older at present. HAHAHA.. we will continue aging whether  we like it our not.

I am finally gaining the wisdom of my age. When the lightbulb finally turns on! It’s hard to believe how long that took!  Am I a delayed starter maybe? YES.. possibly, or I’m early, it’s hard to say.  But, I  have figured it out.. Would you like to know?    Are you in a rut?  Unhappy? Stressed out?  Here is the ANSWER……

Whatever you are passionate about.… is what you should be doing with your LIFE.  We are created so uniquely, God made us the way he chose for our path to be.  If you have a passion something that totally makes you energized with, that is the answer.  Now I know for my self, that I can have a career or something I am good at, but I know I am on the right track when my passion for something totally inspires me, energizes me, and fills my spirit with joy, that is what I was created to do it.  I do not think God puts limits on how many of those passions we have.

Your Passion + Wisdom =  Position


So>>> How do you get Wisdom to = Position ?   Well,  mainly  by experience, you cannot gain Wisdom always by reading/education.  You have to put it in action, like a verb. How will you know you like it, unless you try it out?  It can be risky to your preconceptions> How will you know?  Well, I like to pray about things, and God does give me an idea on if I am on the right track.  Have I figured it out yet?  NOPE.. I am in process of.  Give yourself grace on timing, because we know God does.   The Bible has many verses on passion, some that don’t sound like we should have any, put in the context of a passion being inspiration or purpose, what about position, meaning a position to walk in your will, being a good servant, whatever that looks like for you.  Here is an encouraging verse.     ” 1 Corinthians 10:31 :So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

How can we be walking in NOstress, no worries….. walk in your passion, and I do not mean romantic passion.

passion stress

So do a checklist. What energizes you?   What makes you tick?  What are you naturally skilled at?  What type of books or magazines are next to your bed?  What does God say?

I would like you to post your thoughts?   Have a great day?


2 thoughts on “Passion + Wisdom = Position

  1. sandyarcherblog says:

    Your welcome! Thanks for commenting, I just reread this myself, I needed to hear it again , I am starting a new job this week and it’s doing what I’ve been posting about with diet and fitness! God knows our hearts! He will provide!

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