Secret confession…I’m traveling to a time and places.

I Am…

I’m a genealogy junkie…I’m obsessed with my ancestors, lineage, their professions all of it.  I have been on Ancestry for more years now than I can remember, I have linked my tree back to 800 A.D.. England, Ireland, Denmark, Poland, and Scotland. They truly were Kings and Queens, I am amazed. Now don’t get me wrong I know most people can trace their trees back to a King or Queen. But I still was excited to think I truly have a blood link, to that time period. What was I thinking? I just dropped out of a tree?

Have you ever related to a time period and thought you should have been in that time period?  I love medieval times, castles , knights , the whole thing. Shakespere, MacBeth… I watched all of The Lord of the Rings,  all English movies, The Tudors, The White Queen, etc… Braveheart, Rob Roy, etc.. But then my niece, suggested I watch Outlander.. Wow. King Arthur will be out soon too.

I am a Sassenach but yet am very Scottish/ Irish.. so I’m a Half-Sass.. with a twist of Irish and a sprig of Scandinavian.  Quite a mix.  Don’t get me wrong I still get mad at the English, because of what they did to some of my ancestors, however I have some links to that side as well, and can’t deny our roots are intertwined.  My Scottish ancestors were killed in many battles against, but my tree includes English settlers off the Susan Constant at Jamestown, so even they escaped. Each of us have a family story to be discovered.  Go find it!

I will be visiting some of those family places next month, other countries. I am so excited!  Visiting family clan castles, Cathedrals and Parishes!  Trip of a lifetime! I hope you have, or will do that yourself.

MacDowalls- “Victory or Death”

I will blog while over the Pond.. share lots of pictures and adventures. I hope you will come along !  I know God is laying my path out for this trip.


Come Go With Me !


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