Back to Losing… winning! 

Well just a quick update on my fitness journey.. I won the biggest biggest Loser contest at my Gym.. down 20.2 pounds and 8 1/2 inches all over.. I feel good about it, but not through losing, I have a long way to go. My ideal weight seems very far, but I’m going to take it 6 weeks at a time/  a goal.  Thanks to Womens Workout Center! Also my coach Linda Who is totally a Wonder-woman ! 

I have a lot  of Facebook friends and good friends, but to be honest I felt very alone at the Gym when I won, but, all these ladies that I entered this with, were there cheering me on and they were side by side with me through the last six weeks, including our sauna sessions, counseling for all! It has been bonding, I’m glad to have strangers as team mates, you know them a little, but not really, you can speculate about them, and never know. 

 I met the most precious lady the other night in the sauna she was mentoring a wonderful lady younger than us, who was my contender for this contest, I kind of wished she won too, as she has triplets.. and this is her fun!  

Anyway, back to the older lady, she is so precious, I could totally see her being all of our “Clara’s” from the movie “The War Room”.  She has a gifting regarding people having babies, but she has that God, Holy Spirit wisdom…she is sitting in the sauna with a red bathing suit and a cap, and an Island accent, I cant wait to find out where she is from. Who knew I would get this much fellowship in the Gym? Well, God knew.  

This has been such a neat journey,  I had a Word spoken to me that “Church is a distraction ” to my ministry.. at first I was mad about that word. But as always it’s true. I get tunnel vision when I have a mission in church, so much that I don’t do work outside the church, I’m too tired.  

Well this is a new season.. I’ve been crowned twice , so It’s ON! What other things are on the horizon?  I don’t know. But it’s going to be interesting! Thanking God for this new view of the World! Winnng while I’m losing, but gaining these new adventures!  Let’s find out! Yay! 

Come Go With Me! 


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