Writing is hard! Ok, good writing is.

When I decided to write down my journey’s, I somehow had forgotten that proper english sentence rules, might want to be part of a good blog!   I was always accused of run- on sentences, too many comma’s in school!  Over the years,  have habitually added two exclamations on something I was imperative on!!  I have shortened my sentences because of texting, and Facebook posting .  I am going to take a few lessons to freshen up my skills, you can find them for free on the internet.  https://www.class-central.com/report/writing-free-online-courses/

writing courses

I happened upon a wonderful show on PBS the other night, “To Walk Invisible The Bronte Sisters”.   I almost had forgotten how much I loved the poems, Jane Eyre, and of course Wuthering Heights, when I was younger.  Emily Bronte”High waving heather, ‘neath stormy blasts bending (December 13, 1836) my very favorite.  Women at that time thought it better to be published under mens names so it would get  published, and sell.  How very fortunate we are that we can just write under our own identity, male or female.

emily_bronte_quote_2 (1)

I am inspired, I am ready to pick up the pen, and start writing again.   My mother before she passed, said something to me, that was quite shocking. She said she was sad that I didn’t turn out the way she thought I would, for some reason she thought I would be a writer, a creative writer, because of all the papers I used to turn in for school and she kept.  Since I was following in her footsteps career path wise, I was taken aback thinking , she would have been proud of me of my management jobs etc.  So maybe I need to think about it, just because of the pure enjoyment of it.  So here we go!  I hope to see where it takes me!

If any of you have any tips, I would be happy to hear!

Have a beautiful Day!

IMG_3448 (Edited)

Purple, pink, look at the flowers how you show off
Greenery takes on as a  backdrop  
None to kind to the brown soil who births you  
Go ahead and glimmer, its only for a short time
You will come back to ground
while the green and brown will still be around  





One thought on “Writing is hard! Ok, good writing is.

  1. Abbie says:

    Oh lordy, I don’t know if I ever learned how to English good. But I do love writing, and have a couple of abandoned drafts that need love. Maybe it’s time that I dusted them off as well!


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