Hello, it’s Me! 

Well , so here I Am !

This picture is the most bare naked ( with clothes on )I have ever posted publicly.  The angle wasn’t above with a smile, but STRAIGHT ON!  Hard for me to look at, NO jacket covering, makeup, hair done. I can see the ripply upper arms, distended stomach.. see I could point out every flaw!  But honestly, I’m over it!  I’m tired of that! So 3 weeks in, my mindset is in fight mode, the battle is heated and I will not accept this photo as present.. it’s Before, …… before I made up my mind totally to change.  I feel stronger even in my thinking. Someone asked me the other day why I don’t have a cheat day, well honestly I’ve had at least 47 years of cheat days! I’m good! I gave myself a year grace from all the diets I stuck to.. I will eat something someday in moderation that’s not good for me, but I will choose wisely and once I reach my goals..

Ah yes GOALS.. I’ve even changed how I think about those, I’m not thinking in pounds, inches, sizes, fat on here or there.. So what am I focused on? Shocking as it is, but … yes Butt… Will my Butt fit in or on any seat, anywhere ? Yes a seat goal… I’m sure your shuddering wondering, who makes a weird goal like that?  Well me, I do. I will never be embarrassed to sit in an airplane seat, an outside patio chair, a roller coaster seat, a stool, concert seat, even lawn chairs or a church pew!  I bet you never thought about it? I bet you don’t know that riding a bike, or back of a motorcycle, or even some of the gym equipment could cause embarrassment. How about even going zip lining ?  These are some great activities that I would like to do. But to feel comfortable and confident doing them is not realistic for me at the moment or the past few years.  Please do not discount this as silly or exaggerated.  People don’t travel, excercise, go in public restrooms, or eat out sometimes.. You are a prisoner of your body, oh and it is YOUR own fault.. you do not just become obese , it was one meal or snack st a time.. I heard and said all excuses, I even got my thyroid checked more often just to possibly have an excuse.

So what was the problem ?  Many things combined, stopping a physical active hobby, Irish Dance, I even quit teaching it too.  Stayed home with my husband, having the evening adult beverage, and eating the same portion sizes as the men and boys in my house, also new favorite TV shows.  Plus, working from home in front of the computer.. so there was the combination, notice I’m not mentioning overeating, well I really wasn’t thinking I was over eating because I was eating the same portions as the people around me and I convinced myself I wasn’t . So there it is! Finally the problem..you don’t get a solution without knowing the problem definitely! Yay!

So what now? Well just like every Doctor will tell , no gimmicks, pills, drink, excercise contraption.. just good ole portion size reduction, carbs reduced, lots of water.. and increased excercise!  I know sounds easy, but it’s a mindset change, not a diet, but a real change!  I’m doing it! I picture myself thinner before I picture a food craving, replace your thoughts! Plus I have a great wingman, God as a guide too!

If your struggling I want to encourage you, I am starting to feel good again, I have a long way to go, but I will get there .. One day at a time!  Remember that Christmas claymation Santa Claus is coming to town.. Put one foot in front of the other..https://youtube/OORsz2d1H7sjust in case your too young to know what I’m talking about..

Start today , start tomorrow .. just START!! I challenge you, I dare you! Do it!  I’m with you, I will cheer you on if you don’t have someone to. Let’s do this !


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