Biggest Loser- 1 week WIN

So if you read my last blog post, this is my battle’s 2nd week. I am happy I lost 5 pounds..  I have gained my sword back.

It’s hard to believe how a person can become sedentary and stuck so quickly. It may have seemed it took me the 10 years to do that but I had my active times intermittent in those years. Tried diet fixes drops, pills , shakes.. even had my gallbladder removed , that only weighs a few ounces, ha ha.

How does one not see the weight creeping on? It’s like being in denial, the opposite of anorexia, seeing yourself thinner,  kidding yourself that they just don’t make clothing, underwear like they used to. Seats are tinier, etc.. I remember in the fall when going to dine on an outside patio not being comfortable because of the flimsy plastic chair, my hips got stuck, I had a meltdown and my poor sister she really didn’t know what to say. Worrying about seats everywhere, dining , event venues, airplanes, movies, don’t get me started on amusement parks. How do you kid yourself like that? Well easy, everything you watch, read, listen to, markets food that are NOT good for you! Fast food needs just to lose the S.. Fat Food.  I hadn’t eaten too much of it anymore, but all those shows on TV, commercials , everywhere, gave my husband great ideas, on how to make us FAT! I’m not blaming him at all, he’s guilty of being a great chef !

Go to your doctor! I have the most awesome doctor she’s an Internal Medicine doctor and she has been so helpful to me in my journey I visited with her this last week to get a physical while I’m doing this program so she knows where I’m at and so she could give me the Greenlight on what I’m doing. Why? to go see the physician well I’ll tell you why, she looked at all my vitals and did lab tests to see where my levels were on each part of my blood like sugar see how my liver is doing etc. so I extremely recommend you to go yearly! Not to mention the positive encouragement that she gave me.

I know this blog seems to just be all about me! Well for now it is!  Want to  know why?  Because it has not been all about me for quite some time, and I need to start taking care myself! I hope this encourages you to think about that as well if you are stuck in a rut,  YOU are the only one that can get you out! Pick up the oar, and start paddling that boat to the other side stop waiting in the middle for someone to help you!  Everyone says God will help you, he will, but you have to let him, and what I mean by that is you have to START he cannot help you if you do not start he’s not going to do it for you but he will strengthen you through the journey!

Now, Come Go With Me!


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